Welcome to our Virtual Project Community in the quest of providing a Dissemination Tool to promote an inovative dehumidification system that has been developed over the last two years

The Project had a variety of consortium members, each with an expertise in the sector of HVAC, covering areas such as R&D, Manufacturing, Control Systems, Installations, Quality and Project Management & Coordination. In fact everything required to take an innovative product from concept to a proven application.

The goal of the DEHUMID project was to develop, prototype manufacture and test a low cost, compact, and energy efficient liquid dehumidification system that can precondition the outdoor air delivered to buildings and homes to save energy by reducing the need for Air Conditioning refrigeration systems.

This project was financially supported by the European Community under the CRAFT scheme of CORDIS FP6., with the aim to support SMEs with a capacity to innovate but without their own research facilities.

The Project has run for a period of 24 months, initiated in October 2005. Which is a short time respective to what has been achieved by the European consortium of Partners.

The result has been to develop a dehumidifier that works with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of a value over 5, for a short period, A  traditional refrigerant based dehumidifier usual runs at a COP of 3.8. So if you are interested in using or know about this innovative technology contact us.


NEW.......short videos 


Film 1: Showing the prototype 

Film 2: The control systems graphics 

Film 3: Partners in discussion over the readings 

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